CODA joins an inspiring group of data specialists, repositories and innovators.

Better known for its computational knowledge engine Wolfram Alpha, Wolfram Research – founded by British data scientist Stephen Wolfram – is also responsible for the organization of a yearly conference around Data Science, to be held this year in Fairfax, Virginia on September 21-22.

The Wolfram Data Summit, firstly established as a forum for data repository leaders, has become a pioneering event in the field, where speakers and attendees can meet and exchange insights with companies, programs and individuals representing a broad spectrum of interests and industries.

Our ED, Cinzia Perlingieri, has been invited to provide the point of view of a non-corporate company with a big mission: helping people understand, share, and enjoy our cultural heritage by leveraging the power of digital technologies. Cinzia’s talk titled “Archaeology, Digital Preservation and Global Implications for a New Digital Democracy” will address some key questions for the broader field of digital humanities: How can we ensure long-term digital preservation for disappearing cultures in a fast-paced world of ever changing technologies and formats? How can this effort be sustainable in the long term? Is it possible to leverage the power of big data and breakthroughs in computing and crowdsourcing to revitalize languages or to facilitate preventive measures to digitally document our physical cultural heritage?

You can write to Cinzia and the CoDA team or reserve a meeting with her at the Summit by sending an email to Let’s get the conversation going!

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