Visit us at SAA 2016

Society for American Archaeology goes to sunny Orlando for SAA 2016.

This is our first year at SAA’s without a booth in a while, but we will be sending our most valued board members to the SAA Annual Meeting this year, including Meg Conkey who will be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award! All our events and discussions are listed below.

Check them out and please reach out to us at ciao (at), call, or tweet @CoDA_ucb if you want to get in touch.

Check out the full SAA 2016 Program on their event page:
Full SAA Program
  • Thursday Morning, April 7: FORUM “DESTRUCTION” AND THE RHETORIC OF ARCHITECTURAL EXCAVATION. Michael Ashley—Discussant
  • Saturday Afternoon, April 9: SYMPOSIUM WHAT DO WE MEAN BY “DIGITAL CURATION?”. 2:15 pm Michael Ashley, Ruth Tringham, Meg Conkey and Cinzia Perlingieri — Differential Access for the Ethical Stewardship of Cultural and Digital Heritage through
  • Saturday Evening, April 8: 5:30 pm Presentation of Awards; Lifetime Achievement Award Margaret (Meg) W. Conkey

Session Details:

Thursday Morning, April 7
Room: Oceanic 2
Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Moderators: Rachel Opitz, Nic Terrenato and Gregory Tucker

  • Tad Britt—Discussant
  • Stanley Bond—Discussant
  • Willeke Wendrich—Discussant
  • Andrew Dufton—Discussant
  • Adam Rabinowitz—Discussant
  • Donna Yates—Discussant
  • Katherine Jarriel—Discussant
  • Shawn Fehrenbach—Discussant
  • Michael Ashley—Discussant
  • Alex Marko—Discussant
  • Theodore Roberts—Discussant

Saturday Afternoon, April 9
Room: Asia 4
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:45 PM
Chairs: Francis McManamon and Julian Richards

  • 1:00 W. Fredrick Limp—Digital Curation, Data and Replication Of Results—The Foundation for the Future of Archaeology
  • 1:15 Julian Richards and Franco Niccolucci—Current Developments in CyberInfrastructure in European Archaeology
  • 1:30 Leigh Anne Ellison and Adam Brin—tDAR (the Digital Archaeological Record): A Domain Repository for Archaeology
  • 1:45 Holly Wright—ARIADNE: Building a European Data Infrastructure for Archaeology
  • 2:00 Colleen Strawhacker, Thomas McGovern, Emily Lethbridge, Gisli Palsson and Adam Brin—Linking Transdisciplinary Data to Study the Long-Term Human Ecodynamics of the North Atlantic: The cyberNABO Project
  • 2:15 Michael Ashley, Ruth Tringham, Meg Conkey and Cinzia Perlingieri—Differential Access for the Ethical Stewardship of Cultural and Digital Heritage through
  • 2:30 Questions and Answers
  • 2:45 Eric Kansa and Sarah Whitcher Kansa—Toward Slow Data in Archaeology
  • 3:00 Adam Rabinowitz, Ryan Shaw, Patrick Golden, Sarah Buchanan and Eric Kansa—“Periods, Organized (PeriodO)”: A Linked Data Period Gazetteer and Approach to the Modeling of Scholarly Assertions
  • 3:15 Rachel Opitz—A Matter of Priorities: Making a Future for Digital Scan Data
  • 3:30 Carrie Heitman, Worthy Martin and Stephen Plog—Legacy Records and Digital Innovation: The Chaco Research Archive and Beyond
  • 3:45 R. Kyle Bocinsky and Adam Brin—SKOPE: Bringing Continent-scale, Local Paleoenvironmental Data to Researchers and the Public
  • 4:00 Joshua Wells, Eric Kansa, Sarah Kansa, David Anderson and Stephen Yerka— DINAA Means “Everybody Can Be a Digital Curator”: Community-Powered Disciplinary Curational Behaviors with the Digital Index of North American Archaeology (DINAA)
  • 4:15 Jeffrey Altschul—Discussant
  • 4:30 Vincas Steponaitis—Discussant

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Recipient: Margaret (Meg) W. Conkey. Meg Conkey has earned the SAA’s Lifetime Achievement Award for her combination of scholarship and service to the profession. Meg’s research along with that of her collaborators significantly broadened our approaches to and understanding of people and their diversity in the past. She has shown the importance and possibility of studying gender as a basic dimension of the human experience and has been instrumental in bringing studies of rock art and art in general into the mainstream of research. Meg has helped to change the face of the field through encouragement and recruitment of women and minorities. She served as a national leader in archaeology, including her presidency of the SAA, and the AAA Archaeology Division, as well as through numerous other organizational contributions. This award proudly lauds Meg’s lifetime achievement in archaeology.