Tim Gill – Legal and Business Counselor

Tim's Email

Tim Gill serves the Board of CoDA as its Legal and Business Counselor, offering advice and guidance on the legal and business affairs of our non-profit.

In 2010 Tim received his PhD in Anthropology from UC Berkeley, with a dissertation examining the construction of meaning in Ice Age Europe through the application of modern theories of cognitive science. His interests in archaeology include the development of human symbolic abilities and the Middle to Upper Paleolithic transition. He also has an ongoing archaeology project on a site in Hawai’i.

Tim supports his archaeology habit by practicing law and working in the business world. He was in private law practice for 17 years in San Francisco before going “in-house” as the General Counsel and part-owner of a group of maritime service companies in 2002. As a businessperson he handles the wide range of issues that confront businesses on a daily basis.

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