In 2013, CoDA and educational specialists at Washington State University joined Northeastern State University in their IMLS-funded Project I’M READY. Project I’m Ready had two major goals: to train a group of 21st century librarians who would serve Native American students in high-poverty areas of rural Oklahoma, and to develop a standard curriculum focusing on traditional knowledge which would support these librarians. In the final phase of this project, we built and populated a website to distribute and publish Project I’M READY’s resources in culturally-appropriate ways

Project Team

Northeastern University
Dr. Pamela Louderback, Project Director
Dr. Barbara Ray, Associate Professor
Mr. Rick Shelton, Technology Support and Consultant
Sam Bell, Graphic artist
Stephanie Christodoulou, Graduate assistant to Dr. Louderback
Celicia Hamilton, Graduate assistant to Dr. Ray
Antonio Hurling, Multi-media designer
Lisa Rowland, Graduate assistant to Dr. Ray

Michael Ashley, Project Designer
Kim Christen Withey, Project Team Coordinator
Paula Groves Price, Education Specialist
Kelley Shanahan, Metadata Wrangler, Imaging Lead, Communications
Terra Thomas, Project Manager, Video Lead
Elena Toffalori, Mobile and Web Services
Tyler Wilson, Props Master, Informatics, Graphics

Advisory Board

Ms. Rebecca Brant, Cherokee Nation
Ms. Adrienne Butler, Oklahoma Department of Libraries
Dr. Peggy Lisenbee, College of Education
Mr. Tony Thomas, Superintendant of Public Schools

Northeastern State University, Oaklahoma Center for Digital Archaeology, UC Berkeley Washington State University, Pullman

The Challenge

Our challenge and opportunity in this unique project extension was to take the rich materials created from the project and share them in culturally appropriate ways. Not only did these curriculum items need a proper sharing platform, but the platform would also become a place where others could contribute similar content and share stories from their schools.

The Solution

We teamed up with educational specialists at Washington State University to standardize the curriculum to match national core educational requirements at various levels. Curriculum was converted from smartboards into sharable PDFs and powerpoint presentations. Mukurtu CMS was leveraged to meet the sharing needs of culturally sensitive materials, and could be used to share non-public materials, particularly within schools.


Working with CoDA staff has been the much needed boost we were looking for to get the program on task and on the right track, as well as moving forward at a pace necessary to be successful. The staff is very helpful in providing us with the knowledge and direction that has allowed us to revise and add to our learning resource materials.

Dr. Pamela Louderback

Library Director, Broken Arrow Library, Northeastern State University

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