EVA / Minerva 2015

XIIth Annual International Conference for Professionals in Cultural Heritage Sunday 8th and Monday 9th November, 2015 at the Van Leer Jerusalem, Institute

Program 2015

CODIFI: Total paperless recording of the Legio vi Ferrata camp in the Jezreel Valley, Israel

Dr. Matthew Adams, Albright Institute of Archaeological Research

Abstract: In partnership with the Jezreel Valley Regional Project (JVRP), the Center for Digital Archaeology (CoDA) developed a fully paperless recording system, Codifi, successfully deployed for the 2015 excavations of the Legio VI Ferrata camp in the Jezreel Valley. All aspects of the recording process were ‘born-digital,’ harmonized into a single mobile system. All told, over 10,000 images, 4,000 bagged artifacts and samples, 1000’s of total station points, 100’s of loci and 50+ field school students were managed digitally, in real time, by 6 field archaeologists and supervisors with Codifi. We will visually present the Codifi workflow, tuned through real time user experiences and priorities. We will explore the new touch interface for materials management, including 2 click bag label generation and QR codes, integrated photo, video and documents per locus, and automated reporting. Codifi eliminated 100’s of hours of ‘paperwork’ in field, allowing the field team to focus on field recording, materials analysis and planning for future seasons. The results of the 2015 season demonstrate the substantive benefits of paperless recording while putting to rest the reasonable fears to commit to digital what has been traditionally a paper based discipline by emphasizing a philosophy that assures content is digitally safe, archival, accessible, and sustainable.

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