Michael Jennings – Director of Field Data

Michael's Email

Michael Jennings helps test and design CoDA’s digital tools and workflows for archaeological and museum projects. He received his Ph.D. with honors in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from the University of Chicago. His dissertation — “Beyond the Walls of Jericho: Khirbet al-Mafjar and the Signature Landscapes of the Jericho Plain” — made use of a variety of digital tools, including GIS and Filemaker, in order to explore the relationship between landscape and settlement in Jericho from the Hasmonean to early Islamic periods. An interest in urbanism and urbanization has led Michael to investigate cities throughout the Mediterranean and Near East, including field projects in Italy (Palermo and Ravenna), Jordan (Qasr al-Hallabat and Aqaba), and Palestine (Jericho). He is currently co-director of the Aylah Archaeological Project in Aqaba and field director of the Jericho Mafjar Project in Jericho. He built and designed the national database of excavated objects used throughout the West Bank. Michael serves on the CoDA board since 2014.

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