Last House on the Hill

The ongoing story of the BAÇH Team’s excavation at Çatalhöyük

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The digital edition of Last House on the Hill is a product of the Center for Digital Archaeology using their creative Codifi Workflow. It does much more than provide a digital presentation framework for publishing an archaeological monograph. It embeds, interweaves, entangles, and otherwise relates the complete project database (including all media formats such as photographs, videos, maps, line drawings as well as data analysis and interpretation) with the final synthetic contents held in the printed edition in an open access, sharable platform.

I have always wanted to follow what we write in a book to its source in original data and media. And here it is! Like dancing – pivoting and jumping – through text, media and data! Heavenly!

Dr. Ruth Tringham

Professor Emerita, UC Berkeley

The Digital Monograph

For the digital monograph of Last House on the Hill, we designed a new workflow to support digital publishing. This innovative pilot of Codifi features pivot and jump interfaces which encourage discovery and exploration of content in new and exciting ways. The digital monograph features high resolution, full color images, graphics, video, links to original data and archival quality media.


The Web Edition

The Web Edition leverages Mukurtu CMS’s cultural protocols to create a first-of-its-kind online, user-commentary enabled archaeological database of the BaCH legacy. This edition goes past the publication to the stories and media of the team behind the project. Featuring, a searchable selection of rich media items with related items, keywords, and categories the online edition promotes endless exploration.

The Publication

The results of the BACH project research were published as a monograph – the printed edition of the Last House on the Hill – in November 2012 by the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology (UCLA) Press. As with previous reports on the Çatalhöyük Research Project, the BACH project monograph includes chapters of an interpretive nature in addition to reporting the empirical data from the excavations.

Last House on the Hill: BACH Area Reports from Çatalhöyük, Turkey (Çatalhöyük Research Project series, volume 11). Eds. Ruth Tringham, Mirjana Stevanović. Monumenta Archaeological 27. Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press: UCLA, November (2012).

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