Kelley Shanahan – Mukurtu Services Manager

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Kelley Shanahan is the Mukurtu Services Manager, which means she is also a support agent, engineering translator, media producer, metadata wrangler (aka Metador), and front end designer for the Center for Digital Archaeology. Although she has always been tech savvy, her parents laugh because Kelley always promised she would never work with computers. She developed a love for visual arts, the outdoors, and working with people through her incredibly large family and decided to share these passions with CoDA when she came on as an Undergraduate Research Apprentice (URAP) in 2012. Kelley surprised everyone, including herself, with her coding and digital design skills. She’s always ready to tackle new languages, and -if she sees something she likes- she finds a way to make it happen. Kelley continues to challenge herself and others to push our software to their highest capabilities. On a typical day, you may find her designing moodboards, running Mukurtu Support, creating a new screencast or webinar, or embedding some detail-rich metadata!

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