A memory archive for the 30th California Indian Conference

The California Indian Conference (CIC) was inaugurated at UC Berkeley in 1985 as an event committed to the sharing and exchange of knowledge, scholarship, and issues of importance related to Native California. This year the conference is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a special edition that takes us back to its origins on campus.

Conference site

Event at UC Berkeley


Mukurtu.net has partnered with the Conference this year to provide a platform for sharing media and memories from the event and from the past ones using Mukurtu Mobile.


A digital archive will be set up for the conference and populated with memories and testimonials from attendees and organizers. Amongst other things, Native California artists regularly donate their artworks for the Conference graphics. Mukurtu.net will provide support throughout the event and into the next years for the initiative to succeed and for the Archive to become a reference for the Conference Community.

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