Between the Caves

Bringing together 20 years of project history, we uncover the stories of Early Humans and Hominids living between the painted caves of France during the last ice age.

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We started the BTC-Codifi project with Meg Conkey in January 2013. The main goal was to harmonize all 20 years of the Between the Caves Survey data into a coherent and integrated Codifi database, and at the same time build a sustainable methodology for the future. We kicked off the project creating a workflow and shared tools for the team to proceed fast and efficiently through coordinated and collaborative actions. Following the Codifi methodology, the original data were made available to the team for data auditioning and for modeling the data architecture, but the original files were and are considered “historical sources” and remain untouched.

Project Team

Berkeley Team
Margaret Conkey, Principal Investigator
URAPs, Content Specialists

CoDA Team
Cinzia Perlingieri, Project Manager
Michael Ashley, Data Architect
Kelley Shanahan, Designer

The Challenge

This project spanned over some of digital technology’s most innovative and tumultuous years. The shift to digital formats in the late nineties and early 2000’s meant that the data from this project was scattered across multiple formats and in different stages of the process. After a data audition, we tasked a group of URAPs to harmonize the assets.

The Solution

The data cleansing and media accessioning phase lasted a good two years. We trained undergraduate apprentices to convert scanned fieldnotes into data tables, convert proprietary Kodak PCDs (photo cds) into high-quality archival formats, clean keyword lists, and convert GIS and french coordinates (Lambert) data into embedded GPS coordinates.

Now that the data is prepared, we plan to convert the entities and media into a searchable and dynamic Codifi database. Expected 2016.

Using Codifi is not just gathering old parts into an archive, it is creating a new enhanced source of information that allows you to think differently and develop all sorts of new ideas!

Dr. Margaret Conkey

Professor Emerita, UC Berkeley

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