Brooklyn Arts Council

Cultural Repatriation Project

In November 2014, we teamed up with Christopher Mulé of the Folks Archive at the Brooklyn Arts Council for a test of endurance and ability. Our goal: to configure and populate a Mukurtu 1.5 website in less than 72 hours! Not only did we accomplish this goal, but the website and build process was featured live on the Mukurtu Premiere Webinar, Season 01 Episode 06 to share our workflows and tools with the public.

Project Team

Brooklyn Team
Christopher Mulé, Folk Arts Director

WSU Team
Kim Christen Withey, Mukurtu Project Director

CoDA Team
Michael Ashley, Mukurtu Premiere Project Manager
Kelley Shanahan, Engineer & Webinar Host


The Mukurtu Premiere Program was sponsored by: IMLS




Lifetimes of Memories

I feel like I just got to fill in on drums for the Beatles…
… It is so exciting to see this material live in the Mukurtu world. Attached to those photos and videos are people that I am very close to and feel incredibly fortunate to work with. I also feel incredibly responsible to do what I can to put their material, and knowledge, back into their hands within the right context.

Christopher Mulé

Folk Arts Director, Brooklyn Arts Council

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