Aylah Archaeological Project

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The AAP is an exemplar project for CoDA workflows. The Project made use of our photogrammetry and media processing workflows to produce cutting edge 3D and 2D images. We created a Codifi reporting tool to dynamically generate beautiful and thorough summaries of live data directly from their database into PDF and HTML. AAP also made use of our offline sync to save valuable time and data for the team.

The Challenge

AAP started with paperless archaeology in 2011. In 2013, they came to CoDA requesting offline sync, standardized archival data and media preservation, and a mobile data recording solution.

The Solution

We built AAP a mobile fieldwork solution that incorporated offline sync and archival data preservation, as well as legacy data and rich, thorough summaries of all data collected in the field.

The Aylah Archaeology Project began using paperless archaeology in 2011. We were immediately convinced that it was the right move, but it wasn’t until the CoDA team built our custom database this year that our initial vision was fully realized. We’ve come to understand that the beauty of the Codifi system lies in being simultaneously simple and sophisticated. With one-touch offline sync and archival quality data preservation, we have saved countless hours of work. Codifi is our most important team member, although considering all it does, perhaps it is more like an entire team of digital documentarians available to us 24/7.

Kristoffer Damgaard

Director, Aylah Archaeological Project

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