The Center for Digital Archaeology is a research and advisory center specializing in archaeology and cultural heritage technology trends, practice and education. The Center provides professional development to industry leaders, design and implementation of cultural projects, and technical support to help effectively incorporate new technologies in archaeology and cultural heritage for increased impact.



We envision a world where human history is accessible to everybody.


We nurture new generations of forward looking professionals to make archaeology and human history more accessible and relevant; we educate communities to appreciate and engage with the world’s heritage, by using technology as the catalyst.


CoDA was founded by a group of faculties and researchers from UC Berkeley and was established as a California 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in April 2011. CoDA founders designed the company’s roadmap to provide archaeologists, memory institutions, and scholars the best and latest technological solutions and informed programs to take care of our cultural heritage. Years of pioneering interest in digital media and technologies, unique expertise in teaching and curricular development, and collaborations with academic institutions, have brought CoDA to an international leadership role in digital archaeology, cultural heritage, and education.


CoDA Board of Directors (from left to right, top to bottom): Michael Jennings, Ruth Tringham, Michael Ashley, Tim Gill, Cinzia Perlingieri, Meg Conkey, Robin Harper.


The CoDA “gals”, from left to right: Kelley Shanahan, Cinzia Perlingieri, Loe Matley (+ Elena Toffalori not in the photo!)


We are always looking for new partnerships, collaborations, interns,inspiration and friendship!

Call us or drop us a line at ciao@codifi.org!